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AIM Pro Walleye Series™ Tournaments


AIM™ tournament sites and the details concerning the upcoming 2013 AIM Professional Walleye Series™ season have been outlined below. Many innovations are incorporated in every AIM tournament to make fishing fun and rewarding for the competitors while being exciting to the fans.

Click here for the official length to weight conversion chart

Exclusive AIM Format Innovations


The primary innovation is the exclusive AIM Catch-Record-Release™ (CRR™) format. With CRR, teams of Pro Anglers and Co-anglers measure each walleye on the official AIM ruler and take a digital photograph, record the length of each walleye on the official scorecard, and then immediately release the live fish. NO fish are brought to the “weigh-in” stage. Instead, the Pro Angler selects the SEVEN largest walleyes that are tallied for his daily weight. (The length of each walleye is converted to pounds and ounces using a standardized formula prior to taking the stage.)


The photos of the largest walleyes caught are displayed to the weigh-in fans – and also included in the live streaming of the proceedings on Because all fish are recorded and then immediately released, Pro Anglers are allowed to “weigh” fish within local “slots” that would otherwise be excluded from the daily bag.


The AIM Catch-Record-Release™ format has three huge advantages for the sport of competitive angling.


  • First, AIM tournaments can be scheduled at the best times of the year for catching the most fish at each tournament site. Tournaments have been prohibited in many locations at certain times of the year due to fish kills associated with conventional formats that hold the fish in “live wells”.
  • Second, AIM tournaments reward the Pro Anglers that catch the biggest fish – not the anglers that were fortunate enough to catch fish in a certain order, dictated by local slot limits and possession rules. As noted above, the daily weigh limits for AIM tournaments include the SEVEN largest walleyes. This also means that a Pro Angler can come from behind and advance many places; the excitement continues up to the last minute of the last day!
  • Third, AIM Pro Anglers can not suffer penalties that are assessed in other formats for fish that are not releasable. With many events being decided by mere ounces, “dead fish” penalties are never a deciding factor in AIM tournaments.

Pro/Partner Draw

The “Pro” and their “Partner” will sign up as a team with one entry fee. Each day they will draw a different co-angler partner into the boat. With the Pro/Partner format, Pro Teams will be able to enjoy all three days fishing alongside someone they are familiar with, while co-anglers will get to experience and work with two professionals each day. Furthermore, six lines will be permitted (three anglers in each boat), which will allow teams to experiment more than other premier events resulting in boating as many fish as possible.


A Festive Atmosphere


Another key component of AIM Pro Walleye Series™ events is that most are being scheduled to coincide with local festivals. While tournament angling is exciting to the participants, it receives lesser interest from the general public. Scheduling AIM events within festivals helps to expose the sport of fishing to an audience of literally hundreds of thousands of new people. The festival attendees will see tournament anglers, along with their impressive boats and tow vehicles (and sponsor affiliations) up close at the AIM weigh-ins.


AIM Pro Walleye Series™ details


AIM Pro Walleye Series™ tournaments pair the Pro Anglers (or Pro Team) with a different randomly drawn Co-angler each day. The Pro Anglers’ daily weights are cumulative over the course of the tournament. AIM utilizes CRR and allows seven fish to be weighed each day.  This offers the potential for HUGE come-backs, therefore ALL Pro-anglers and Co-anglers will fish all three days!  


AIM Pro Walleye Series™ events will provide the winning Pro Angler with a first prize of $30,000 (based on a field of 100 boats).  Each AIM tournament guarantees a payout of not less than 100% of pro entry fees. Additional cash and prizes may boost the totals beyond 100%.


Pro Angler entry fees are $1,200 per event.  Co-angler entry fees are only $300 for a guaranteed three days of fishing with the nation’s top walleye Pros. Co-Anglers do not compete for cash prizes, but instead receive great prizes provided by the AIM Marketing Partners.


AIM Board of Directors

·         Brett King

·         Chase Parsons

·         Mark Martin

·         Jim Carroll

·         Tom Kemos

AIM is an angler owned and operated company - The Board of Directors is chosen by owners to help give the company direction as it moves forward in the future. If you any comments or suggestions for AIM don’t hesitate to contact one of the Board members or use our Contact page.