AIM Announces New Board of Directors

June 5, 2013

As the only "angler-owned" company in tournament walleye fishing, Anglers Insight Marketing (AIM) continues to strive forward in their quest to make a positive impact on the fishing industry.  The Board of Directors vote, allows the company to stay up to date with brand new ideas and members, all in the goal of increasing awareness for the sport of walleye tournament fishing.  In the past, these positions have been occupied by business-savvy tournament anglers along with marketing professionals throughout the country. 

Early this spring, the 77 owners of AIM conducted their annual B.O.D. vote, with the past seats being held by Keith Kavajecz, Mark Martin, Ryan Chuckel, Sam Anderson and Brett King.  As AIM continues into the future, they are pleased to announce their newly elected board members; Tom Kemos, Jim Carroll and Chase Parsons.  Mark Martin and Brett King were re-elected and will remain in their seats on the B.O.D. to work alongside the new electees, as the company looks to a bright future!  Brett King was subsequently elected the Chairman of the Board by the rest of the board members. Keith Kavajecz will continue to have an integral part in the business, as he was voted (by the B.O.D.) to stay on as Chief Financial Officer for the organization.

These B.O.D members will take over the day to day activities within Angler's Insight Marketing, and also coordinate AIM's event this summer on July 18-20, out of Oconto, WI!

Newly elected B.O.D. member, Chase Parsons, expresses his excitement, "This is a position that I knew I wanted to run for, as soon as the vote came around.  Being able to work with the rest of the B.O.D to make sure the Oconto event goes off smoothly and planning for AIM's future, is something that we all look forward to.  Along with the new board members, I'd like to thank Ryan Chuckel and Sam Anderson, for the countless hours of their time they have given to AIM the past few years.  As a company, we are excited about the opportunities with existing and future sponsors, along with planning some very successful tournaments in the next few years!"

Visit AIM at The web site allows for online registration and payments can be made via PayPal (which includes credit card processing). The site will be updated regularly with further information on AIM and their marketing partners. AIM also has an active Facebook page ( with the most recent updates about events.

Anglers Insight Marketing, LLC™ (AIM) is a unique tournament organization which is owned by stockholders, the majority of which are Professional walleye anglers. AIM Professionals are among the All Stars of professional fishing, with cumulative HUNDREDS of years of tournament experience, including countless tournament victories, series championships, and Angler of the Year titles. This insight and knowledge is now being employed to provide the finest tournament experience for the participants, and the maximum exposure for the host tournament sites and corporate partners.

AIM Marketing Partners: Yamaha Marine, Nitro Boats, Navionics, Power Pole, Worldwide Marine Insurance and The City of Oconto.