A Family Affair II: Guy, Cole and Julia Engebretson Combine To Top The Field For 2021 Wisconsin Team Of Year

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A Family Affair II: Guy, Cole and Julia Engebretson Combine

To Top The Field For 2021 Wisconsin Team Of Year


We’ve already said that it couldn’t have been a more appropriate and pleasing cap to Wisconsin’s AIM Weekend Walleye Series 2021 season, as Guy, his  daughter, 16-year-old Julia  and 18-year-old son Cole Engebretson, took the Garmin/Berkley Wisconsin Division state championship Friday and Saturday (Aug. 27-28) to seal the win for the coveted 2021 Yamaha Motor Corp. Wisconsin Team Of The Year (TOY) title.

“You can’t say too much more than what’s already been said about this double triumph, the second team in an AIM championship to win both state titles at the final event of the year,” said Denny Fox, AIM national tournament director. “Two wins in the same season is tough to do at AIM because we tax the knowledge of all teams, whether they’re used to fishing rivers, lakes or the Great Lakes. We take’em to all so no one is disadvantaged. They’ve got to do well in all, whether it’s in the weeds or on the rocks, and the Engebretson family did it. With that TOY win they also secured not only that 9.9 Yamaha four-stroke, but $5,000 from Yamaha’s Power Pay program.”

Guy Engebretson agreed.

“Two things. One, AIM is a diverse circuit. We have river tournaments. There’s tournaments on Winnebago, and the open water of Green Bay. You have to be a well-rounded angler to win. It’s also very stiff competition,” he said. “Our family has always chased Team Of The Year titles because it shows a really well-rounded, good angling team. That’s always been a goal of ours.

“The second goal started way back in February. We said we were going to make it the whole year without using live bait. All our tournaments, all our practice, all our fun fishing we did without any live bait,” he said.

“The start was Winneconne. We missed the first Green Bay tournament so we only fished three of the qualifiers,” he said. Point of order here. Teams to qualify for the state championship only count three of their four wins, so missing that event was a wash.

“And after the win to start on Winneconne we were all very eager to say, ‘wow, we could be in the hunt for Team Of The Year because Winneconne was probably the most challenging for us. I enjoy fishing the Winnebago system but feel more confident in fishing Green Bay. I know it better. It’s more consistent even though Winnebago can be consistent. But starting with that win and having those early points, we were very excited, and got that vision of Team Of The Year right away,” Engebretson explained.

At the City of Green Bay tournament, they finished 10th. At the Marinette qualifier, 19th. Cole fished the Marinette qualifier and Green Bay. Julia fished Winneconne and the championship.

“We started out at the qualifier near the waters around Marinette and after four or five fish early on ran for Door County to try to get big fish and caught our fifth. And then the win Saturday…”, he said.  So, how’s it feel?

“I don’t know that it’s set in yet. Today I have an R&R day to recover. I’m so proud of both my kids. They both were fantastic teammates this year. They absolutely love to fish. We’re in the boat together, and we always have a great time.

“Cole now is in his first year of college and we knew he’d be at school, but traditionally he has fished the full AIM scheduled with me. Doing this is very rewarding. We have a phenomenal time in the boat, but to compete at this level is super-rewarding and very challenging. And very fun.

Now, where’s that 9.9 kicker going?

“My son has a small boat and shares that boat with my daughter. The kicker isn’t an ideal one for it, but we’ll find a way to get them a new Yamaha for his boat,” he said.

Finishing in second for TOY were Scott Bleck and Jason Kicherer of Weyauwega, who were leading the TOY standings going into the championship in their 250 Yamaha-powered rig. Their plan was to fish the Green Island area, east of Marinette.

At the championship, Bleck said, “we focused on lake structure, casting Moonshine Shiver Minnows on Day One. We were going to try to bring in our limit each day and we were able to do just that. But as with most people, putting five 29-inch-plus fish on the card was a challenge. We only had just a few over 28 during the tournament. We caught fish in every place but the big fish that we thought we’d bump into just never happened for us.

“On Day Two we were able to run crawlers with our Offshore boards and we were able to catch four of five pulling crawler harnesses over structure. Again, good fish, just not great, and we needed great to compete with Guy over the weekend. Our average fish was around 24 to 27, he said.

“We picked up one on Shiver Minnows Saturday and the rest on harnesses. The Shiver Minnow bite on Day Two wasn’t happening. Friday night we had big storms and the wind switched from the north northeast to the south southeast, which moved the water flow.”

The fact that the wind died on Saturday also didn’t help their strategy, he added.

“That hurt us a little, so we moved up to Chambers (Chambers Island) and all the sunken humps and points where we knew we’d done well,” he added. At least in the past. “But Jason and I were pleased. We were able to earn our top five in Team Of The Year,” he said. That finish put them automatically into next year’s AIM National Championship Shootout.

The rest of the AIM Team Of The Year top five finished this way. Each team will be automatically eligible for next year’s Championship Shootout.

In third place, the team of Joseph Mans and Scott Hausauer. The fourth slot was filled by Dylan Peotter and Anthony Englebert. Also headed to next year’s Championship Shootout are John Ohnesorge and Vince Johnson.

Thanks once more, anglers, and especially to you as well, Fan Nation. The ones who sign in every Sunday and every championship Saturday to watch those anglers cross the stage. Think about this: That could be you, too. This is the tournament designed, built and put on just for you, the weekend angler.

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