Go Big: Go North; Go Lots, Go South; Go Central, Maybe Go Both Sunday At AWWS Green Bay Wisconsin Qualifier

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Go Big: Go North; Go Lots, Go South; Go Central, Maybe

Go Both Sunday At AWWS Green Bay Wisconsin Qualifier


On the vast expanse that is the Bay of Green Bay, you can hone it down to perhaps three major choices, and then pick from the choices within those for a shot at the podium at the AIM Weekend Walleye Series Wisconsin Division Berkley Open on Sunday (July 18) at the great walleye destination of Marinette.

“That’s what we hear the game plan is,” said Denny Fox, AIM national tournament director. “Word is the fish-for-fun numbers in the south are huge right now, and by some accounts it’s the most fish regulars have seen there in a long time. But to get the big guys and gals on the card to win this, you may be heading either way north, or midway. Sunday’s the tale of the tape, and the weather is always a factor. Right now, the weather prediction is, go for it. The side pot money is flying in, and that means only one thing: somebody’s found’em, or thinks they have.”

One team doesn’t care whether they win, place, show, or whatever. This time, it’s all about just showing up and having fun. That’s the father-son team of Bill and Matt Bobber of Appleton.

You see, Bill, the father, is just coming off a successful operation that removed a brain tumor.

“We’ll start fishing tomorrow (Friday). We’re crossing our fingers we can get out and just go from there,” Bill Bobber said. “We will I think head to the mud (in the south bay) and see what happens. It’s just a crap shoot at this point. It all depends on water temperatures and how the alewives are. July can be very finicky. It’s way more of a consistent bite once you get into August. But, every time I get out, I cherish the moment,” Bill Bobber said.

Added Matt: “We haven’t had a whole lot of fishing time with the brain tumor operation. I really personally couldn’t care less what I catch or where the fish are. For me, it’s about that my dad’s alive, and we get to go fishing together.”

Well said, both. It IS all about that. So, watch out for the Bobbers, because that relaxed attitude is often just the juice that has sent a lot of teams to the podium.

Out on the bay on Thursday were Scott Ristow of Mosinee, and John Clumpner of Little Suamico who were north after some of those rumored big fish in Michigan water off the Cedar River. In fact, they landed a giant while they were being interviewed. They’ve been pre-fishing for about a week, eliminating where they want to spend Sunday.

“The fish in the north, there’s some present, but trying to get five big fish there is pretty difficult, said Ristow from their 300 Merc Pro XS and Garmin-equipped boat. “In the center bay, there are lots of numbers but you’re only getting a certain percentage of 26- to 29-inch fish. The southern bay is chock full. It’s the best bite I’ve ever seen for eater-size fish.”

In other words, take your pick and take your chances. Go north and risk a rocky ride and fewer fish…center, fish but fewer bigs, and south, lots and lots and perhaps a combo bag with lots of sorting involved.

“We’re doing a combination of casting, trolling, throwing Shiver Minnows and Rippin’ Raps,” he said, looking to put together a solid five fish pattern. Combined with seeing a lot of alewives that big’eyes prefer, and on top of that, clouds of hatching mayflies north, it’s anyone’s guess where it will eventually be won, and where the best chances of that will be. It’s also dependent on finding that perfect water temp in the 68- and 69-degree range, Ristow added. “Because that’s where the fish are.”

“I still feel that it’ll take 50 pounds to win, but maybe only two or three boats will see that weight, and it will quickly go into the 30-pound range. Big bags happen in northern waters, it’s well-known. If you want a check, go to the central bay. But if you want to swing for the fences go north. You’ve got to be lucky enough to hook those five,” he predicted. At that point, the pair got a little busy on board with fish.

Tyler Nickel of Green Bay has been “kinda” pre-fishing the bay for some time, as it’s one of his favorites. And, he lives nearby. He’ll be in his Merc 300 Verado-powered boat with partner Anthony Kind of Pickett. Nickel says it’s been a little tough right now because there is so much bait, AKA alewives, in the system.

“It’s been kinda slow with the inconsistent weather but it’s probably going to get better. There are a lot of alewives. It seems like the mud bite is starting to get better. It’s going to depend on the weather and always, which way the wind’s blowing of course on the Bay.

“You may only get five, six or seven bites further north. And there have been a lot of consistent weights out of the mud down south. The northern part is I don’t think where the temperature needs to be yet. If you run to the mud, you can do the same, but you’ll get a lot more bites.” In other words, more bites equals more chances of bigger fish, but north equals few bites and probably bigger fish.

We’ll all see come Sunday morning starting at 7 a.m., when teams get the “go” sign and turn either right, left, or due east in hopes of finding feeding winners. All except, of course, for one father-son team who will be just happy to be fishing together.

Here’s the run of show for Marinette: Following the virtual rules meeting Saturday, all teams will converge on Menekaunee Harbor for boat inspection beginning at 5:30 a.m., with that first wave released at 7 a.m. Boats start checking in at 3 p.m., and the awards ceremony will start at 5 p.m. at the harbor. Good luck all teams!

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