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Devils Lake Details: Level Is Up, Putting More Water, And Underwater Junk, In Play for Sunday’s NoDak AWWS


It’s been called Devils Lake from the time First Nations people saw it. And now that it’s up to three feet higher than when the AIM Weekend Walleye Series last visited, teams entered in the Warrior Boats/Woodland Marine Open this Sunday will no doubt be paying the Devil as they search for the winning combo to take it all.

Devils Lake is famous because much of it is drowned prairie farms. When the water rose, farmers couldn’t collect their equipment fast enough, so part of the “fun” when you’re going after walleye here is dodging the combines, fencerows, rock piles and other stuff that hold fish, but that also are the Devils handiwork indeed when it comes to donating lures, say two anglers who will play on the lake Sunday.

Both say the lake will fish totally different than when AIM was here last July. In fact, it may be an unknown, as this AIM event may be the earliest major tournament ever to challenge the lake.

Spencer Deutz, of Moorhead, MN, who will fish with his father Ron, says it’ll be a totally different experience this year.
“The water will be a lot cooler. The fish are moving from their spawning grounds in the north and coming back into the main lake,” Deutz said. That means a lot of anglers will be targeting where those fish will be looking to fatten up, less than six feet of water.
“They’re looking for food in the shallows. Those are the ones we can fish.”

And, the water is up. “It’s a big thing to have a lot of runoff this year,” he said, even for a water body that’s been called “the lake that won’t stop flooding.”

“There were reports the lake was going to go up three or four feet, but now, two or maybe three, so there is a lot of current. It should make for some better fishing this weekend. Areas that were not accessible by boat last year, we should be able to get in this year,” Deutz said. “And the back bays, and anywhere you can find warmer water are the places that are going to hold active fish.”

“It’s going to be a lot of plastics, some crank baits, and others will be pitching Flicker Shads and Shad Raps up shallow. Slip bobbers and leeches may play a role, too,” he added. In other words, bet on typical spring tactics. Some fish may be deep, but, he said, “I just don’t see it. You might be able to get one or two deep, but it will be extremely difficult to put together five fish.”

JR Carter agrees. The Mandan, ND, resident says this tournament will be patterned totally different than last year.

“Last year we were chasing around rock piles, but we’ll be in different depths now,” Carter said. “Right now it’s a post-spawn bite. I think everyone will be fishing shallower, in the weeds. In the main lake, people are trolling crankbaits on the old roads and rock walls. You’re definitely going to donate some lures when you’re fishing Devils Lake. In 1986, my parents were in the military here (hence one of the points on the lake, Military Point), and there used to be an officer’s club ¾-mile off the point. Now that’s flooded and there are combines and tractors and you get to donate all sorts of stuff here.”

Pelican Bay also is always a popular spot. Carter predicts that to win, it will take 30-plus pounds, and probably 25 to cash a check.

“I think it’ll be won west of the military camp. The guides have been going into Lake Irving, but you can’t get there by boat because of the submerged roads,” he said. And if you try, you may be visiting your local prop shop. Then again, you may be visiting anyway, as the shallow farm rock piles also will be popular spots to pitch.

“Definitely we’ll bring some good weedless lures and pitching crankbaits and having a blast,” Carter said.

One other variable, he added, is competing with shore fishermen. “They’re very prominent this time of year. There are so many roads that are flooded here that shore fishermen will be there. If there’s a road, they’ll be fishing beside it.”

The run-up to Sunday starts Saturday night with team registration and rules meeting starting at 5 p.m. at Woodland Resort, 1012 Woodland Dr., in Devils Lake. Boat inspection begins at 5:30 a.m. at Woodland, prior to launch.

The first wave of boats gets the green at 7 a.m. Find out who’s on the podium beginning at 5 p.m. at Woodland Resort. All day, follow the action at AIM’s Facebook page, and at ProChattrr.


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