Here are the teams that will take the water on April 19th in the first AIM Weekend Walleye Series in the Great Lakes Division. Check back for the unofficial results sunday night.


Dage Dage
VanTorre Margitish
Kolb Hoover
Gordon O’Reilly
Winter Poland
Misevic McMillan
Bodinger Bodinger
Kneer Bedient
Zart Zart
Kerr Robinson
Luellen Spink
Jobes Wilson
Schilling Boewe
Couch McFarland
Cline Valentine
Zmudzinski Hoffman
Werner Turcotte
Hatala Brado
Kujawa Kujawa
Rhodes Whitten
Stier Dougherty
Ustishen Ustishen
McReynolds Cox
Henderson West
Gaines Rhoades
Brumbaugh Robertson
Campeau Whitson
Maurer Walter
Wood Doller

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