AIM Weekend Walleye Series™ Tournaments


AIM™ tournament innovations are incorporated in every AIM tournament to make fishing fun and rewarding for the competitors.


Click here for the official length to weight conversion chart


Exclusive AIM Format Innovations

 The primary innovation is the exclusive AIM Catch-Record-Release™ (CRR™) format. With CRR, teams measure each walleye on the official AIM ruler and take a digital photograph, record the length of each walleye on the official scorecard, and then immediately release the live fish. NO fish are brought to the “weigh-in” stage. Instead, the Anglers select the 5 largest walleyes that are tallied for his daily weight. (The length of each walleye is converted to pounds and ounces using a standardized formula prior to taking the stage.)


Because all fish are recorded and then immediately released, Anglers are allowed to “weigh” fish within local “slots” that would otherwise be excluded from the daily bag.


The AIM Catch-Record-Release™ format has three huge advantages for the sport of competitive angling.


  • First, AIM tournaments can be scheduled at the best times of the year for catching the most fish at each tournament site. Tournaments have been prohibited in many locations at certain times of the year due to fish kills associated with conventional formats that hold the fish in “live wells”.
  • Second, AIM tournaments reward the anglers that catch the biggest fish – not the anglers that were fortunate enough to catch fish in a certain order, dictated by local slot limits and possession rules. As noted above, the daily weigh limits for AIM tournaments include the FIVE largest walleyes. 
  • Third, AIM Pro Anglers can not suffer penalties that are assessed in other formats for fish that are not releasable. With many events being decided by mere ounces, “dead fish” penalties are never a deciding factor in AIM tournaments.




Team entry fees are $300 per event.  




How does it all work!

The season is made up of 4 qualifying events and a 2 day Divisional Championship. The qualifiers have a $300 entry fee with 100 boat max. We pay out 75% of the money to 15% of the field. The 2 day championship is a $500 entry with 90% of the money paid back to 15% of the field. In order to enter the championship a captain has to fish at least 3 of the 4 qualifiers. When he enters the championship he must do so with someone he has fished at least one qualifier with.

Team of the year points will be calculated as a percentage of the winning weight. If the winning weight was 10 LBS and you had 5 LBS then you have 50% of the winning weight so your points would be 100 show points and 50 event points for a total of 150. Points will only be registered for a Captain and 1 partner. If a captain fishes with different partners he will not be able to add points from events together. We do not allow subs for T.O.Y. point’s race. The best 3 of the 4 qualifiers will be used, as well as the championship points, to determine the team of the year.


Invitation only event

The final season standings in each division will determine who will be invited to the 2016 Warrior Boat Shootout. The top 5 teams in Team of the year points and the top 5 in the Championship tournament will be invited to a no entry fee shootout to be held in 2016. Teams from all 3 divisions will be playing to win a Warrior 1898 DC with a 150hp Yamaha engine valued at $56,000.



AIM Board of Directors

·         Brett King

·         Chase Parsons

·         Joe Okada

·         Jim Carroll

·         Tom Kemos

AIM is an angler owned and operated company - The Board of Directors is chosen by owners to help give the company direction as it moves forward in the future. If you any comments or suggestions for AIM don’t hesitate to contact one of the Board members or use our Contact page.