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Mother Nature Throws A Big, Wavy Curveball,

Cancelling Sunday’s Marinette AWWS Nitro Boats Qualifier


If you ever wanted to see what Nature can do to cancel the best laid plans of humans, you shoulda been at Marinette Sunday (May 19) for the AIM Weekend Walleye Series (AWWS) Nitro Boats Open Wisconsin qualifier.

“And even if you weren’t there, if you wanted to know what was going on across Green Bay, all you had to do was listen to the Milwaukee Brewers game, because it made news even on their broadcast,” said AIM National Tournament Director Denny Fox. “The ugly northeast wind was backing up every single river down to Green Bay. It backed things up so much that running trails in Green Bay that should never be in water were flooded. Drains were backing up in Green Bay, and in Oconto, the water came up so high they almost had to close the Dockside Restaurant. It was lapping at the door.

“That’s how bad it was. We literally had nowhere to safely launch our teams. The one launch we could use had five-foot rollers coming into it, and the waves were timed five seconds apart, anywhere from six to 12 feet on the bay, according to reports we received directly from a new 400-foot Navy LCS ship that was built in Marinette, and was on sea trials on the bay. At the pier head that normally is out of the water at Marinette, the waves were just going right over it,” Fox added.  In other words, there was no absolutely question what had to be done: cancel the tournament for everyone’s safety, he said. Now, the good news.

“Every team that entered will receive 100 points towards Team Of The Year honors, and credit for being entered. That means the event will be counted as one of three required tournaments to qualify you for the championship, which will take place later this year, and under hopefully far better conditions, in Marinette, Aug. 23 and 24,” Fox said.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin teams can get ready for the next Nitro Boats qualifier, June 23 at Oshkosh and Lake Winnebago. Other tournaments upcoming?

1st up is the Warrior Boats/Yamaha Motors National Championship Shootout on the Missouri River May31st and June 1st.

Hey Minnesota, time to wake up! Your season’s first Warrior Boats qualifier is June 9 on Mille Lacs, which, right in tune with AIM’s Catch-Record-Release™ philosophy, will be all catch-release after May 31. Time to show’em how it’s done.

In North Dakota, the Warrior Boats/Totten Trail event out of its new launch facility on Lake Audubon and environs is June 16.

Follow all coming tournament updates at AIM’s Facebook site. For information on how to enter an AIM tournament, visit

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