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How Would You Fish ‘Bago’ to Win the AWWS

Wisconsin Division “Nitro Boats Open” July 19?

If you were one of the entrants in the next AIM Weekend Walleye Series Wisconsin Division NITRO BOATS OPEN Qualifier, on the huge Lake Winnebago system, where would you fish? And, how?

Last year, it was won by a Bobber—two in fact—on Lake Poygan near the town of Winneconne, part of the Wolf River system feeding the big lake. Those Bobbers were father and son Bill and Matt, both Lake Winnebago locals who found big fish there.

But, all asked about the upcoming tourney agreed that this year’s event is wide open, and could be won anywhere in the system. Even upstream again at Winneconne. But one entrant is sure that’s not the spot to be at this month.

John Geiger, who finished second to the Bobbers last year, gave pretty cagey answers, like he knows something, but isn’t sharing with anyone—just yet at least.

“My prediction is that 23.8 pounds would win it, at best,” said Geiger. “And if the weather is not good it will drop to about 18 pounds. I don’t think you’ll average 5-pound fish this year. There are some really nice fish in the system but I just don’t think the catch will be close to what it was last year. The fish aren’t where I caught them last year, and the guys who won it last year won’t this year. They won’t be on the same fish. The fish are spread out now,” he said.

Matt Bobber said where it will be won will definitely depend on the weather. “If we get a couple good days of stable weather I think there’s going to be a good mud bite for a one-day tournament. It’s going to be a crank bait or spinner and crawler bite,” Bobber said. It may be won in Winnebago proper in the middle or on structure along the east and west shores.

“Or, it could be a structure bite, jigging, casting or even slip bobbering. We fish a lot of rock piles there.” Asked about Winnie’s perennial algae bloom, Bobber said it could be a plus because it stains the water. “If you have a nice chop on the water breaking up the algae it’s fine, but if it’s flat calm, it’s another story”.

“There’s a possibility of upriver fishing but I’ve done fairly well on Winnebago this year and haven’t had to do a lot of exploring upriver. Some good weights have come out of the lake during other tournaments so this will be a shootout,” he added.

Andy Woods, owner of Woodeye’s Bar and Gill in Winneconne, agreed that there were still fish in the river system. “I actually had a couple of guys here today who kept eight fish from 15 to 23 inches, and I know about a 27-incher caught on Poygan last Sunday.”

But, he said, Winnebago proper may get the nod. “I still think there will be big weights, especially from teams on Winnebago. Typically tournament wins have been in the 19- to 20-pound range and I see no reason why it’ll be different.”

Joe Knowles, another local ‘bago veteran, says that currently, water clarity varies from dirty at the north end, where teams will launch, to cleaner in the south, more than a few miles away. “But this can be won anywhere from the weeds and the rocks to the river. That’s the benefit of AIM’s catch-record-release™. You’re not hauling these fish 40 or 50 miles in warm weather conditions. It’s a matter of getting the right presentation and the right pod of fish to win.

“A one-day bite you might get it in the mud, but it’s been a tough bite this year. One day you’ll catch fish and the next day go back and they’re gone. I’ve also gone over nice marks and can’t get fish to bite. There are a lot of good fishermen in the area who know this water. Someone will find ’em and come in with a nice weight.”

Anglers will start and return to Jefferson Park in Menasha on the north end of the lake. The first flight will leave at 7am and return at 3pm. Awards will take place at 5pm at Jefferson Park. Come out and see who takes the top prize.


Contact: Denny Fox, AIM National Tournament Director, 920-505-0122; [email protected]

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