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Warrior Boats, Yamaha And AIM Weekend Walleye Series: A Great Partnership Continues For The 2024 Season


Warrior Boats and Yamaha outboards is a hard combo to beat, and when you add those two Presenting Sponsors to the 2024 AIM Weekend Walleye Series for the 11th straight season, it’s a match made for each other.

“Like AIM, with its groundbreaking Catch-Record-ReleaseÔ format, Yamaha is taking the lead in groundbreaking research and development in boat propulsion,” said Denny Fox, AIM national tournament director. “Minnesota-based Warrior Boats, the best foul-weather-handling and family fun platforms you can buy, has been with AIM since we launched. They’ve stepped up again this year with even more reason to choose Warrior when you’re fishing AIM. We’re thankful again for their support as we head into another fantastic tournament season starting April 7.”

Yamaha’s support of AIM is reflected in that first-place prize for the Warrior Boats National Championship Shootout, to be awarded this year on the shores of North Dakota’s Lake Sakakawea at New Town. It will come equipped with a Yamaha 200-horsepower four-stroke. Yamaha Power Pay Awards also offers cash incentives to registered AIM competitor-owners of outboards five years old or newer.

The highest-placing registered Yamaha-powered team in each qualifier tournament receives $750.  If you are your divisions Yamaha Motor Corp USA Team Of The Year team running Yamaha Motors it gets you a $5,000 check.   At the National Championship Shootout, the highest placing team to run a Yamaha receives $2,000.

Yamaha continues its drive towards being fully carbon neutral by 2050 by using multiple technology solutions. In February, it unveiled a new concept outboard powered by hydrogen. This prototype will start to undergo testing this summer. Yamaha also has joined the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association to further its research. In addition, the company in January announced the acquisition of electric marine propulsion manufacturer Torqeedo.

To expand its service network, Yamaha also added three new schools to its Yamaha Marine Technical School Partnership, bringing the total to 120. You can learn more about Yamaha’s other related efforts here.

Warrior Boats, one of the proudest names in recreational boating, is once again offering as part of the first prize at the AIM National Championship Shootout, a new V193 Dual Console that together with other parts of the prize puzzle, puts the total winner’s package value at over $100,000. We’ll have more on that total package soon.

“Warrior has also big time sweetened its deal for Warrior owners winning or placing in an AIM event,” Fox said.

Winners of an AIM tourney who are original owners in a Warrior boat four model years or newer will put an extra $7,500 in their pockets this year, for each event they top. That total is not to exceed the first-place payout. The highest-placing Warrior boat in the top 10 spots in AIM tournaments will receive $500. Both apply to fields with a minimum 60 boats.

Non-original owners and owners of boats more than four model years old, you’re in the money, too. Winners of tournaments in that category will receive $1,000, not to exceed the first-place payout. Owners of the Warrior placing highest in the top 10 in a minimum 60-boat field receive $250.

For tournaments with a field of less than 60 boats for each, the payments are halved, so you’re still in the money.

That shows why AIM has earned the title as the most lucrative walleye fishing tournament series for your buck, period. With a potential cash prize pot of $28,000 in 100-boat-field in AIM qualifiers, and that sweet incentive cash, it pays to launch into an AIM qualifier tournament. Anglers, that time is NOW. AIM’s 2024 season begins April 7. Learn how at

You know you want to. You know you can.

Anglers Insight Marketing LLC (AIM™) is a unique tournament organization created and owned by many of the most accomplished and recognizable professional walleye anglers, along with others who share the mission of advancing competitive walleye fishing and making it sustainable into the future.

AIM is committed to marketing excellence on behalf of its tournament competitors, the tournament host communities, and the brands that partner with it. AIM is also committed to maintaining healthy fisheries across the nation by the development of the exclusive AIM Catch-Record-Release™ format which is integral to its dynamic events and unparalleled consumer engagement. For more information about AIM™, AIM Pro Walleye Series™, AIM Weekend Walleye Series, AIM sponsors and AIM anglers, visit

AIM Presenting Sponsors: Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A. and Warrior Boats inc. 

AIM Supporting Sponsors: Mercury Marine, Garmin, Power Pole, Worldwide Marine Insurance, Off Shore Tackle, Gemini Sport Marketing, JT Outdoors Products, McQuoids Inn, Rosemore Outdoor Gear, Outdoor Authority fish house rentals, Adventure Recreational Finance, Oconto County WI. Odyssey Battery, Forever Barnwood

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